Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Mac like Notification System

Well here goes Ubuntu again following after the Mac stylish design. Take a look at the new notification system in Ubuntu 9.04.

A Quick Look at the New Notifications in Ubuntu 9.04

Famous Mockup


Linux World of Goo available

This Christmas I purchased the Wii game console for my kids. The Wii on-line store had several games for me to purchase. After doing some research on Google the World of Goo was highly recommended. It is a well design puzzle game that had me staying up all night.

Today, I realized that it can be installed on Linux. So, I highly recommend downloading it. This version is a Linux demo and will only allow you to solve the entire first level puzzles.

If you are using Ubuntu just click the link below. It will bring you to a page that says, "Your temporary download location is ready: WorldOfGooDemo.1.40.deb". Click on the World of Goo Link and choose to open with GDebi Package Installer. The game will be downloaded and you should then click the install button on the installer. After the game is installed look in the Applications>Games>World of Goo Demo and click to run.

Download World of Goo

World of Goo is Ready

Another round of Linux Desktop Evolution

SimplyMEPIS 8.0 has been released and installed on an HP mini 2133 with little problems. If you call using the generic vesa video driver and installing the chrome 9 driver with a little tinkering, not a problem.

SimplyMephis 8.0 Released

Ubuntu 9.10 is being talked about. The significant goals for this version is the theme, boot up speed and smooth video transitioning during its boot up process.

Ubuntu 9.10 is Karmic Koala, and it will not be brown

VectorLinux 6.0 released and installed in a couple of laptops. The most difficult being the HP mini 2133 which needed to install the chrome 9 drivers from a Mandriva 2009.0 to get the 1280x768 resolution. Similiar to the SimplyMephis 8.0 installation above.

VectorLinux 6.0 Final Release

Arch Linux 2009.02 new release with EXT4 filesystem support and kernel 2.6.28.

Arch Linux 2009.02 Release

Enjoy the releases,


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mark Shuttleworth founder of Ubuntu Linux

If you are interested in getting an insight into the future of the Linux desktop, the videos below are a must see.

Ubuntu Linux is currently the most popular Linux desktop distribution today. It has made user friendliness its top goal. Making the Linux Desktop in some cases more friendlier then Windows or Mac.

Mark Shuttleworth videos on the Ubuntu Linux Desktop:

1. Mark Shuttleworth Part One

2. Mark Shuttleworth Part Two

Happy Ubuntu Computing,


A History of the Linux Desktop

The Linux desktop never had a beginning. It just evolved into a desktop over time. The initial purpose for Linux was to provide its users with an alternative operating system. One that was owned by anyone that downloaded it and remained part of the community through the GPL license.

The GNU development tools, the GPL license and the Linux Kernel gave birth to todays modern Linux operating system which found an early niche in the server market. Redhat, Novell and IBM where some of the companies that put Linux on the map for fortune 500 companies. The popularity of Linux started attracting newbies and that is what started the evolution of the Linux desktop. It needed to have good hardware support like video cards, sound cards, printers, flash drive, cameras and webcams. It also needed a simple method of installing software for computer iliterate users. Today's modern Linux desktop distributions all have these features.

The Linux OS is still different from today's proprietary solutions. The Linux community had influenced many proprietary companies to GPL their hardware drivers and software applications. Microsoft, the biggest operating system company in the world, is now threaten by Linux. During the 18 years of Linux Microsoft has not been able eliminate it. It has been able to slow its adoption through patent threats and negative advertising. In the end, Linux has weather the worst of Microsoft and it appears that during the entire battle users are now better informed about Linux.

So, that is why you are here reading this blog. Your knowledge of Linux will help you achieve your goals in your company and at home and it will empower you beyond anything a proprietary company can ever sell you. All you needed to do is download an iso from distrowatch.com and install it over your windows partition. That is the beginning of your journey to create products and sell it in the free market or to just use a computer resistant to viruses and malware while you browse the Internet. Since you own Linux the limits to its usefulness is only limited by your imagination. Enjoy and Welcome to the Linux Community.