Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another round of Linux Desktop Evolution

SimplyMEPIS 8.0 has been released and installed on an HP mini 2133 with little problems. If you call using the generic vesa video driver and installing the chrome 9 driver with a little tinkering, not a problem.

SimplyMephis 8.0 Released

Ubuntu 9.10 is being talked about. The significant goals for this version is the theme, boot up speed and smooth video transitioning during its boot up process.

Ubuntu 9.10 is Karmic Koala, and it will not be brown

VectorLinux 6.0 released and installed in a couple of laptops. The most difficult being the HP mini 2133 which needed to install the chrome 9 drivers from a Mandriva 2009.0 to get the 1280x768 resolution. Similiar to the SimplyMephis 8.0 installation above.

VectorLinux 6.0 Final Release

Arch Linux 2009.02 new release with EXT4 filesystem support and kernel 2.6.28.

Arch Linux 2009.02 Release

Enjoy the releases,


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