Friday, March 27, 2009

AMD releases new Linux Driver

The AMD Catalyst 9.3 driver is out with OpenGL composite support. Now more 3D games will work seamlessly with ATI cards running compiz. If you ever had to turn off compiz to play a 3D game then you know how much you want this driver. Sometimes Linux can be a little glitchy due to lack of support both on the proprietary and community front. As I understand it compiz has been stale for a while. I hope that someone can pick up the work as compiz is one of the top Linux projects that Microsoft wished it could integrate inside its OS.

The new driver also comes with a new Catalyst control center. The control center has the ability to add HDTV modes for displays. If the display does not have the mode or is corrupted you will be able to add it manually. In addition, it has adjustments for color temperature, overscan and HDMI settings. The driver will enable RandR 1.2 for dual GPU graphic cards and video playback after resuming from S4 has also been fixed.


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