Monday, March 23, 2009

TomTom Fights back with Open Invention Networks (OIN)

* The Open Invention Network(OIN) is a company that acquires patents and licenses them royalty free to entities which, in turn, agree not to assert their own patents against Linux or Linux related applications.

TomTom has made an incredible move to counter act Microsoft today, March 23rd. They have joined the Open Invention Network and therefore has received for free:

1. Lawyers to fight Microsoft
2. The collective patents of IBM, SONY, NEC, Phillips, Novel and Redhat to kick Microsoft's behind
3. Made the Open Source Community HAPPY!

I think this is a checkmate move for TomTom. If Microsoft wants to pick on the little guys, well they just opened a can of worms. Once the news is out that you can join OIN and protect yourself from Microsoft's illegal tactics. It is only a matter of time before patents will become meaningless to Linux.

Microsoft can go either way on this one. If they continue to fight TomTom, it could hurt them financially as patent fights can be costly. In addition, if they loose the patent war in its worst case scenario, the lawsuit could drain them financially. The money will be used by OIN to make itself stronger against more patent wars and help Linux in patent suits.

The other scenario is that Microsoft backs down on the lawsuit. If they do, it will be a big win for Linux companies. As this will show Linux's power and all the other companies that Microsoft harassed will now be freed. This will lower Microsoft's revenue from their illegal tax collection from Linux companies. It will also mean that Linux companies will not be afraid of Microsoft any longer.

The only chance Microsoft has is to sue TomTom and hope that they don't get axed by OIN and some how they have enough patents to get something out of it. I can't wait for what is to come. It will definitely cause a stir around the I.T. circle which may give Linux more mind shares in the end.

So, let's hope that Microsoft does sue TomTom as it could mean the final end to a monopoly.

Bye, bye microsoft...

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Anonymous said...

How is your blog called Linux Desktop news when all your post is about anti microsoft. Are you a politican, lawyers or a layoff microsoft consultant.

CoolBreezeOne said...

I must admit that I am currently stuck on an anti-microsoft theme. This is only because of the Microsoft and TomTom lawsuit.

I will try to mix my news with other events happening out there in the Linux world.