Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SCO's Official Complaint

This story angers me in so many levels because Microsoft has always unofficially publicized that Linux users and hackers are uneducated hippies. People that don't fit into today's society. While publicly Microsoft continues to publicized that they are a fairer and kinder company. That they welcome any challenge from Linux because it will allow them to compete harder. I say this is a sack of crap! Microsoft is not playing fairly. It is using every illegal tactic in its arsenal to destroy Linux. It is suing TomTom on baseless patents. And, it is patent threating the SAMBA team. It funded and used SCO to discredit the Linux kernel. In fact, this is what SCO said in its official complaint:

82. Linux started as a hobby project of a 19-year old student. Linux has evolved through bits and pieces of various contributions by numerous software developers using single processor computers. Virtually none of these software developers and hobbyists had access to enterprise-scale equipment and testing facilities for Linux development.

Without access to such equipment, facilities, sophisticated methods, concepts and coordinated know-how, it would be difficult or impossible for the Linux development community to create a grade of Linux adequate for enterprise use.

83. As long as the Linux development process remained uncoordinated and random, it posed little or no threat to SCO, or to other UNIX vendors, for at least two major reasons: (a) Linux quality was inadequate since it was not developed and tested in coordination for enterprise use and (b) enterprise customer acceptance was non-existent because Linux was viewed by enterprise customers as a “fringe” software product.

84. Prior to IBM’s involvement, Linux was the software equivalent of a bicycle. UNIX was the software equivalent of a luxury car. To make Linux of necessary quality for use by enterprise customers, it must be re-designed so that Linux also becomes the software equivalent of a luxury car.

This re-design is not technologically feasible or even possible at the enterprise level without (1) a high degree of design coordination, (2) access to expensive and sophisticated design and testing equipment; (3) access to UNIX code, methods and concepts; (4) UNIX architectural experience; and (5) a very significant financial investment.

85. For example, Linux is currently capable of coordinating the simultaneous performance of 4 computer processors. UNIX, on the other hand, commonly links 16 processors and can successfully link up to 32 processors for simultaneous operation.

Microsoft uses SCO to indirectly sue Linux. They do this because they are under careful watch of being a monopoly. Microsoft sees the Linux threat early on but can't do much to stop Linux. Microsoft, why don't you just innovate? Make your product worth the money people are paying for it. If you are so far superior to Open Source just continue to innovate and let the rest take care of itself. I guarantee that Linux is not paying anyone to make it look good. It is just word of mouth.

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