Monday, March 16, 2009

Linux Desktop Saves Millions

The Microsoft monopoly is in a constant struggle to stay alive in today's economic times. Slowly but surely the Linux desktop is being deployed to governments and businesses around the world. The benefits that Linux has over Microsoft in the security and open standard field is being recognized. A line that is difficulty for Microsoft to cross over to. Mainly due to its business model and backwards compatibility to its past operating systems.

I can't predict the future of Microsoft but I can only imagine a brighter future for Linux. As Linux today is being used by thousands of companies to innovate on products. Linux and its open standards will cause the biggest explosion of innovation never seen before in history. It will take people to other planets and probe the universe as we have never seen before. As for businesses it will allow anyone to compete in an equal footing. Opening up millions of new jobs by creating thousands of new businesses. The world will be a fairer more competitive world where the American dream still exists. Countless of industries world wide may now be awaking to Linux. Let the power of innovation take them as far as they can go.

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