Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can Google put Microsoft out of Business?

It seems that Google might have all the right stuff to put Microsoft out of business. Google already has the online applications with Google doc, Google Mail, and Google Calendar. All they need is a desktop free of charge. Wait.. How about Android? Yeah, thats the ticket. Now all Google needs is a way to invade Microsoft's territory. I mean Active Directory Server and Microsoft Exchange. Oh wait isn't the samba team working on Samba 4 which will replace Microsoft Active Directory Service. And, isn't evolution able to connect to Microsoft Exchange. I think that could work.

So, I guess that Microsoft better start innovating. But, could it be too late for them. They chose the path of least resistance. Now it may be too late to start innovating. Microsoft must now do what they can to keep their business in tact. It will mean that Microsoft must sue anything Linux and cause themselves to publicly destroy their good Open Source image.

Check out the article here.

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