Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Microsoft Attacks Linux

It seems that the Linux community is angered by Microsoft's patent suit against TomTom. This time the Linux community is not as vulnerable. It has gained the strength of thousands of companies and a stronger Linux community. Will this move bring a death blow to Microsoft? Is the Linux community not taking this as serious?

The future of Linux may hing on what happens next. As Microsoft makes this move will the win allow them to collect royalty money from other Linux vendors. How will this affect the future Linux companies in America? Will it be manipulated by Microsoft's hands? Will Microsoft rain over the software industry continue for decades to come?

In the other hand, Microsoft is at its weakest point in time. If there was a time for the Linux community to lay down a blow, it would be now. Microsoft's mind share is at an all time low. It's new operating system has not gain popularity. For the first time Microsoft has been forced to lay of workers. It's stock has reached an all time low. If the Linux community has one more fight in it. It could win this battle big and show vendors that Microsoft is not the 800 pound gorilla. It could cause them to unite and battle a common enemy stopping software innovation and capitalism.

What is your opinion?

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