Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fight: Microsoft Technician attack Open Source guy

This economy is causing the worst to come out of people. I have just read a story where an Open Source guy was attacked by a Microsoft Technician. Who is to blame for the fight? The Microsoft Technician is blaming Open Source because they are losing jobs due to the popularity of Linux.

The worst part, I imagine, is the memo released by the business on how to deal with Open Source. It seems that the Microsoft Technicians took the memo a little too seriously. They verbally attacked someone blaming them for their lost business. Makes me wonder what goes on behind Microsoft dependent businesses. We hear in forums the garbage that Linux users say about Microsoft in the open with complete transparency. However, the garbage that Microsoft and their business partners are saying in close doors is finally coming out.

In the past, Linux users were tagged as fanatics by Microsoft users. Now that Linux is becoming popular who is the fanatic? How many more confrontations from Microsoft Technicians will it take to demonstrate that Microsoft is fighting a cold war against Linux. Or for that matter why should any Open Source guy bite their tongue when commenting their frustration of Microsoft Crappy technology like Vista, Windows 2000,Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95 and Windows CE. I do like Windows XP SP2 but now Microsoft is killing that. I thought as a company you build on top of your successes not destroy them and bring something that SUCKS!

It is not that Open Source is killing jobs, but, that jobs are now shifting over to Linux. If you want to be a computer technician learn Linux and you will be able to handle calls from either technology. If you can't adopt to the new technology, it is not Open Source's fault but yours. Don't go out and start a fight with an Open Source guy and blame him for your ignorance.

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