Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Google launches Android Desktop OS

The signs are looking good that Google will be working with Asus to launch their Android OS on netbooks. If Asus gets a good response on their Android netbook, it will spark other vendors to join the bandwagon. In my opinion, the same people that purchased the G1 phone will most likely be first to purchase an Asus Android netbook.

It looks like Microsoft will need to get Windows 7 out the door very quickly this year. Microsoft has many challenges in front of them:

1. Boot time in less then 30 seconds.
2. Bloatware, malware, spyware and botnets plague all Microsoft OS
3. Splashtop is running on most current laptops and desktops today.

Will Microsoft be able to solve these problems before Linux steals a significant part of the desktop market shares?


Kane said...

Well Windows 7 will be coming out rather quickly. But don't hate on the O.S. Anyway it would being interesting to see an Android operating system on a netbook. I look forward to it.

CoolBreezeOne said...

Thanks for the comment Kane. Don't look at it as hating Windows 7 as must as point out its weaknesses. After all what I have mention have been around Windows since the beginning of malware.