Saturday, March 21, 2009

TomTom Sues Microsoft

Well, if you haven't yet heard that TomTom is suing Microsoft on 4 GPS patents, I am glad you stopped by. Microsoft is going to finally get a fight from TomTom. This basically comes down to the fact that Microsoft can't leave well enough alone.

Now everyone knows a little about probability. Many things are regulated by it like a poker game, a coin toss and quantum mechanics. Well, while Microsoft was looking for new companies to illegally extract revenue from they landed in a hornet's nest. From Microsoft's perpective suing TomTom was going to be a routine procedure. It wanted as little attention as possible so they could continue to their next victim. But, it had to play the Linux patent card to scare TomTom. This alerted the Open Source community to pay attention. In a short amount of time it was revealed that Microsoft is harassing Linux companies into giving them money for patents that are invalid. Turning Microsoft into a patent troll and revealing Microsoft's worst nightmare. TomTom will fight them and they will be placed under a microscope by the Open Source community. It was in Microsoft's card to have landed in such a mess.

Microsoft will now pay for their illegal activity. When they lose this patent war against TomTom they will have a weaker position in the software industry. I hope that other companies will sue Microsoft for extracting money from them. It may cause a dominoe effect that could lead Microsoft to lose mindshares. In so doing, Microsoft stock will fall and its great empire will collapse.

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TomTom Sues Microsoft

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